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The central hospital of Kainuu was originally built in 1969 and needs to be replaced in the near future. The concept for the new Kainuu hospital was accepted on June 12th 2013 and investment decision was made on Dec 21st 2016.

The construction project will be carried out by the Kainuu New Hospital Alliance named Kainua, and it's the very first Integrated Project Delivery (aka. Alliance) hospital project ever delivered in Finland.

The aim is to deliver an integrated project of hospital building by 2021. An Integrated project means a joint organisation between the owner, planners and construction companies that were selected after public procurement. In this alliance model, all these parties are jointly responsible for the process and results of the project. All the risks and benefits are shared to ensure the commitment for the best possible outcome. The overall budget is 153 M€ (excluding owner ict investements). Project is funded by loaning 78 MEUR from European Investment Bank and 76 MEUR from Nordic Investment Bank.

The hospital will be delivered in several phases to ensure the ongoing operation of the existing hospital. The first building sections are estimated to commission in 2019.

The program size will be approx. 46 200 square meters (total) which consists of three buildings:
- (new) main hospital (42 800 m2)
- (new) logistic terminal (1000 m2)
- (renovation) existing hospital (2 400 m2)

Hospital is designed with lean principles, emphasising standard rooms, modular structures and adaptable solutions. The main target is to create efficient and safe care facilities as well as healing environment for patients. One unique feature is high utilisation of wood material. The facade walls will be pre-fabricated wooden elements in addition to indoor decorating and visual materials.

The design is based on user driven planning where facilities, processes and resources are matched. High involvement of hospital staff is supported by live-size 3D-modelling (computer assisted virtual environment) where plans are tested with designers and care professionals.

The project owner (Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority) is a public regional organisation responsible for social and health services for 80 000 inhabitants of Kainuu region.

The other alliance partners include main contractor Skanska Talonrakennus Oy, building service contractor Caverion Suomi Oy and designers of Sweco Architects Oy, Sweco Structures Oy, Sweco Building Services Oy and Sweco PM Oy.



Kainua is the first hospital alliance in Finland



Kainua-Alliance consists of four main partners: Owner Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority, designers Sweco, main contractor Skanska and building technic contractor Caverion.



Six generic operation rooms + 1 c-section OR


Building costs

Total construction costs 153 MEUR. In addition 6 MEUR for ICT investments.


Average of builders

Daily average of builders on the site (2018 - 2019)



- Somatic 150 - Acute care and deliveries 43 - Children 8 - Psychiatry 40 In addition acute unit for mentally disabled 6

46 000


Total (gross) of square meters is more than 46 000 including three buildings.

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Tiedostomuoto: pdf